Flow header - align to left barline

I am trying to get the following result: I want the flow header (“Strophe”) always to be left aligned to the barline. I can do this manually, but I would like to request an option for this.

Or is there a better way to do this?

Have you tried editing the text block in your flow headings (in Engrave mode under Master Pages) to be left-aligned?

Also this was covered yesterday in the Tuesday Tips video:

That’s what you see in the picture: left aligned flow headers. But “Strophe 6” should be left aligned to the barline and not to the frame border.

I don’t think there’s a way for Dorico to know exactly where the left barline will be, after having taken into account the indent setting in Layout Options as well as the width of the staff names. I can’t imagine a flow frame setting which could take all these variables into account. I’m afraid you’ll have to to this by hand.

Dorico has to caluculate, where the left barline will be placed, when there are instrument names. So it shouldn’t be to hard, to add the same indent to the flow header. As I wrote, this is a FR, but somtimes people come with with very clever worarounds in this forum, so one never knows …

That’s assuming that the flow header “knows” anything about what is happening in the other frames on the same page. Since in general there might be more than one chain of music frames (e.g. two arranged side by side) this probably isn’t as simple as it might seem - for example which ident do you want to align with?

No, this wouldn’t be trivial to implement at all, though I can see that it would be useful. We’ll think about it for future versions, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it imminently.