Flow header displaying wrong flow when music is over 2 columns

I have a layout which organises music into 2 columns. Everything is working as expected except the flow headers which reset to 1 at the top of the 2nd column. Any ideas?

Yr 4 Melody Packets.dorico (896.9 KB)

in engrave mode you have to unlink the right side from Masterpage,
Then in the middle-field , set the filter by flow to 1-5, at the right side 6-10
This to repeat in the First template and also in the Default template.
Something is wrong with your flow-numbering, as I can see in the Project-info
it’s a bit confusing. You should correct this before changing the templates.

Unfortunately I don’t think Fes’s advice will help.

Dorico isn’t really set up to handle page layouts with multiple columns like this: when it’s looking for the flow to determine what it should display as a flow heading, it’s looking for the flow at the right vertical position on the page overall, but at the left-hand margin.

So I’m afraid you’ll need to manually override the contents of the flow heading frames to achieve the result you’re after. Sorry about that!

Thanks Daniel, I didn’t think about that and also didn’t try it with the project.

Thanks Daniel and Fes. I would imagine worksheet creation has never been the main goal of Dorico (and rightly so). I’m blown away at how well thought out the software is. Consequently, worksheet creation is almost where you would need it to be if it was your first priority. In ensemble classes where we need individual versions of a worksheet for every transposition, Dorico is a complete game changer. No more creating a flute worksheet, Saving it as clarinet and adjusting accordingly. (repeat 12 times!) . Everything can be done in Dorico. Amazing!

If you were to expand the functionality of the Engrave mode to be more worksheet friendly could I submit the following as a wish list.

  1. Cut and paste frames
  2. Frame order (send to back, move to front etc)
  3. Edit mask/remove background
  4. Grouping of frames
  5. Shapes/lines.
  6. Alignment guides for all objects. Align and distribute frames.

Most of these additions are borrowing strongly from software like Keynote or Pages, but would be a complete game changer for Dorico in Education.

Daniel, I thank you and your team for creating what is easily the most powerful tool for music education I’ve ever used. Your work makes my job exponentially easier every day.

Maybe you could try it with Index-Page.
This is easily done. Insert blank page before the Masterpage, there you can make as many columns as you want. with Music frames, Textframes (Tokens) .

Thanks, Martin. Many of the features on your wish list are indeed on our own wish list for future versions.