Flow Header name excludes numbers

Sorry, I am sure I have read about this issue but can’t locate the thread. I have updated Dorico for iPad to the newest version 5.1.32.
Still, if in Project Info I set a flow‘s name to
“4. Aria” I’ll get “1. Aria” or “2. Aria”… (depending on the flow number).
I would expect “1. 4. Aria” or “2. 4. Aria”…
Why does Dorico strip the “4. “?

[edit] I have found the thread: Number in Flow Title missing - #2 by johnkprice

Yes, I was just about to link to that thread.

Thanks Daniel anyway :slight_smile:

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Since I frequently put numbers in flow titles, I wondered why I had never encounter this; so I took another look at a file that used numbered flows. What I discovered was that I had prefaced each number with a sharp/“number” symbol (i.e. #5. Dagon’s Revenge), and adding the number sign at the start allowed me to number the flows without the “number + slash” (i.e. 2/.) notation.

Just thought I’d mention that alternative.