Flow Headings Changing with layout

Hi all,

I’m trying to work out if this is a bug or if I (still) don’t understand these things correctly.

I have a piece of music for different (student) instruments, and I’m using different layouts to produce different transpositions based on the same part, (thank you Dorico 3.5).

The first page is meant to be the melody alone; the second page I’m wanting to fill with different rhythmic and melodic fragments - each different practice exercises for the kids to work on.

I’ve created a new flow for each exercise, and given each flow an appropriate title. When I start modifying the layouts of the Master Page Sets to have them with multiple flows positioned both horizontally and vertically on one page, the flow headings seem to change according to their vertical position, not according to their flow titles.

Am I missing something?

This is as expected, though it’s not desirable behaviour. Flow Headings theoretically relate to the nearest music, but it’s easy to confuse them. They deal particularly badly with multiple columns of flows. You’ll need to edit these individual flow headings so that they relate explicitly - e.g. {@flow1title@} for the first flow’s title, {@flow6title@} for the sixth flow’s title.

A good work-around. Thanks heaps for that. I was to the point of manually typing over the token in each part. Hadn’t thought of that particular Wildcard.