Flow name in Galley view, etc

I am working on a set of nineteen 16th century keyboard pieces, each of which is a flow. These follow each other in galley view and it is not immediately obvious to me which actual piece I am looking at.

  1. The title shown in the titlebar appears to be the name of the last flow selected in setup mode, even when I am actually working on another flow. It would be helpful if the title could change to reflect the actual flow in view.

  2. If I am in page view of the score, I can see the flow name in the header of each page. But when I switch to galley view, there is no orientation text above the music.

It would be very useful if the name of the flow could be put at centre top of the galley window.

I hope that it is just my ignorance that prevents me from doing this. :slight_smile:


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The reason Dorico shows the last flow in which you made a selection (or indeed may still have a selection) is because this is the flow in which e.g. a selection will be made if you type Ctrl+A. That is not updated simply by scrolling through the layout, and rightly so. However, I know that it would be helpful to have a way of identifying the flow you are looking at.

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Thank you Daniel! Two questions arise:

  1. How does one change the selected flow without going back to setup mode?

  2. Does your last sentence imply that a method of identifying the flow being worked on, as I suggest. has been listed as something to do (as time allows)?


Cmd/Ctrl-I should get you to the Project Info dialog in any mode (apart from Print mode - I’m not sure why). You can reorder, delete and rename flows, change titles/composers etc.

Is that what you meant by your first question?

Hi Leo,
No that was not what I meant, though the tip is useful. See item 1 in my original post.

The general point is that, as far as I am aware, when I have multiple flows in the same project, I do not know what to click on in order to navigate to the beginning of a chosen flow when in Galley View (write mode). Indeed, and maybe this just shows my ignorance, the only way to do this is to hit Pos 1 or Ende (on my German keyboard) until I recognise the bars I am looking for. In the case of nineteen 16th century pieces, each in its own flow, these do tend to look all alike! :slight_smile: Hence the desire to be able to see the title of the currently onscreen flow, which identifies the piece.


Try Cmd/Ctrl-G.

That’s a command I have never used before. Thanks!

Very helpful even though it is not what I am looking for.

Are there also commands that move to the beginning of the previous/next flow?



Yup. Going to flows

I shall have to summon up courage and define keys for those. Up to now I have foregone these, due to my Sibelius experience, in which they always seemed to define over the top of my shortcuts when another version appeared. In the end I gave up.

But thanks for your help!


Back to your original question.

I find it useful to create a temporary Rehearsal Mark with a (meaningful) flow identifier as prefix in bar 1 of every flow. So in galley view, at least the beginning of each flow is identifiable. eg 4mySadSong-A appears at the start of Flow4.

If you use RMs elsewhere in your flow, just reset the index of the first real one and they will behave properly thereafter.

Rehearsal marks sound like a useful stop gap, but being able to see the flow title attached to what is currently in the window is better. Despite Daniel’s explanation of what appears on the title bar, I havent been able to think of another use for the information than the one he gave. Indeed, I can only imagine wanting to use CTL-A for the flow currently on display, and giving us the option of displaying that title on the title bar would be useful.
NB, I am referring to Galley View; what I am proposing appears to be implemented already in Page View.