Flow Number in Roman Numerals

WONDERFUL work with the 2.2 update, everyone! I’m digging in to the new features with great excitement.

I think this is a feature request, but if there is a way to do it already, I’d love to know it.

In setup mode, the flows are listed (at the bottom of the screen) with Roman numerals. Yet in the terrific new flow headings, the token {@flowNumber@} seems only able to display them as numerals. Looking at the syntax for the other tokens (like the time-related ones), I wondered if maybe I could use {@flowNumberRN@} to have it automatically switch, but that didn’t work.

I looked in all the setup and engrave settings for a checkbox that could toggle between Arabic and Roman numerals, but didn’t find one.

Obviously, I can do this manually for now, but would love to see an automatic solution to this since Roman numerals are more standard for movements.

Thanks for the fabulous work!

There’s no token to show the flow number using Roman numerals at the moment, but that would be reasonably easy to add, so I’ll make a note of this and we’ll aim to address it in a future update.

Thanks, Daniel. Just so thrilled with what I’ve seen so far this morning. The improved zooming is so much more elegant and I’m already using the new jazz articulations. Keep up the good work!

I second this, wanted it a while ago but was afraid to ask…

As usual you can fake this fairly easily.

In the Project Info panels, type the Roman numerals into a field you aren’t using, and the edit the Master Pages to use that field instead of {@FlowNumber@}.

Doing it this way means the layout of the score is stable if the number of pages changes, unlike overriding the text directly on pages in the score.

Of course if you shuffle the flows in the project, you have to re-enter the correct numbers in the Project Info.

‘Apply’ seems to be greyed out after I’ve edited flow master. Any ideas?

And thank you for flow headers. Arrived at the perfect time for me!

Sometimes Dorico doesn’t notice you have finished editing until you click somewhere else, e.g outside the area of the panel where you can make edits. That usually wakes up the “apply” button for me, if it’s gone to sleep.

Also clicking on “close” will probably pop up a dialog saying “do you want to apply the edits before closing” (but if it doesn’t, you have lost your work of course!)

Do you mean the ‘Apply’ button in the bar at the top of the flow headings editor? If you click ‘Close’ and there are changes that haven’t been applied, it will warn you, so you should be OK. Make sure that you click out of the text editor in the frame before you try to close the flow headings editor.

This is a great idea.

I’m still hoping for a few generic tokens for miscellaneous things like this à la {@flowUser1@} or something similar. Sometimes I get confused when entering tokens if I’ve reassigned multiple from their intended purpose. (“Oh darn… did I put the poet or the translator in the XXX field?”) Obviously, this is sooooooooo low priority since we have full functionality in the meantime just as you described.

If you click ‘Close’ and there are changes that haven’t been applied, it will warn you

Strangely it doesn’t.

I followed Rob’s suggestion to click elsewhere, which didn’t immediately work. I left it overnight and it worked.

I’d like to add my request for a @flownumber@ @flownumberRoman@, too!

I already said in the second post in this thread that we will add this in future.