Flow Order Per-Layout?


I need to make a version of score and parts with the flows in a different order from the primary full score layout.

When I make a new layout and change the order of the flows, it seems to affect all layouts.

Any advice on the best way to manage this without affecting my primary full score and part layouts?

thank you!


I don’t think there’s any way within one Dorico file to have a different flow order in each layout. I think you would have to duplicate the file to get the different orders you want.


You might be able to fudge it with a separate master page set where each music frame filters a different flow, but it’s potentially quite a lot of work.

Yes, you can use frame selectors to specify which flow(s) you want to show in each frame chain and control the order that way, but if you want to re-order lots of flows in the project that would probably come down to manually controlling what flow appears on each and every page.