Flow-relative "hide empty staves after the first system"

Dear Experts,

inside a multi-movement mass I’m engraving, each movement set in one flow, there is one movement which starts as a solo aria with only a few instruments and progresses attacca to a rich polyphonic setting with the full choir and orchestra. Due to the attacca bit I’d like all this to be in a single flow. And in this flow, not in any other flows I already have, I’d like to set the “hide empty staves after the first system” property. How do I do that? The property seems layout-relative, which is not useful to me, since I’m working on the full score. Thanks in advance! [Dorico Pro 4.]

You can set a Manual Staff Visibility change, to Show all staves for all the other flows. Set a System Break on the first bar.

Or, conversely, use manual changes just for the flow with the solo.

Thank you very much, this is working nicely indeed!