flow shortcut

Is there (and I just haven’t found yet) a shortcut for “Go to next Flow?”
I suppose I could assign it.
But then…
Is there a way to go from a specific spot in one flow to another specific spot in the next flow?
Or will it only take you to the beginning of the flows?

Cmd-G (Mac) or Ctrl-G (Windows) on my machines. It’s either a default or I’ve set it myself - it gives a dialog that takes you to any bar in any flow.

It’s a default :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also a ‘Go to next flow’ function under Edit -> Go to ->, but there’s no shortcut assigned to it by default. You can assign it yourself under Preferences -> Key commands.

It would be cool if this dialogue would remember the last flow and bar entered. It would be an easy way to keep going back to the same place.

That’s what I was hoping for!