Flow Titel


I have created an page with exercises.
After made a blank page an creating a music frame, I inserted 4 flows.
How can I got the title of the flows in this music frame ?

Kind regards

Hi Patrick - depending on how you’ve arranged those flows into frames, you might have to draw in text frames and add the relevant {@flowtitle@} token manually.

You can automatically show multiple flows in a single music frame. If you follow that method, without causing page overrides by drawing frames manually (which you can identify by pages having red triangles in the panel on the right in Engrave mode) then you can show automatic flow headings above each flow. Flow headings do not appear in layout music frames - that is, music frames you’ve drawn onto pages individually.

Can you share a picture of what you’re trying to achieve? Depending on what it is, there might be more built-in ways of achieving it.



thank’s I got it