Flow title and page number not showing

What am I doing wrong? In this screenshot:

The large empty text box is supposed to show the flow title and the small text box is supposed to show the page number. If I double click the larger box the {@flowtitle@} shows up and if I edit that (to {@flow1title@}, then the text shows up (but not for subsequent pages). Nothing in the way of a page override can make the empty page text boxes show any text. I clearly misunderstand something fundamental about creating custom page templates, etc. Are there tutorials that cover this material?
ContraPunctus_1.dorico (1.3 MB)


What are these layout options set to?

Hi Lillie,

I have no idea. This is where some comprehensive information about how all of these things interact would be helpful. At first, creating new page templates that only include certain information should only show that information when applied to a page (or set of pages). But this doesn’t seem to be the case since default pages (both for the score and the part) seem to be included implicitly. Why, for instance, if I set up a page template that only contains the title and flow (in separate text fields) does a default page with a spurious flow field show up when the new page template is applied?

Now I’m confused, because the project you attached is quite different to the screenshot; there are no music frames on the introductory pages with the flow title/page number tokens, which would explain why nothing was displaying (the generic flow title token can’t resolve on pages without music, because it doesn’t know what flow it should be showing – see the note on the page about tokens).

Please provide a project that demonstrates what you mean exactly.

I set up the first pages as text only. I would like subsequent pages as defined by whatever page template I’ve created to show both text and music (but without the default flow information that seems to be attached to any ‘first-page’ template that’s utilized (including changed templates based on the first-page template). So when I try to do this, the result is unexpected - no text is displayed from the current flow in the intended text field (unless I change the flow title as described in my initial post).

On pages with no music frame at all, you can’t use the “flowtitle” token – it won’t resolve to anything, because there’s no flow below it to which it can resolve. Therefore, on pages with no music frame, you must specify a flow number in the token, e.g. “flow1title”. That is documented on the page linked in my previous comment.

If you don’t want any music pages to use the First page template, only the Default, change this layout option:

I recently updated a note on this page to clarify when Dorico will and won’t automatically use the First page template, if that’s helpful:

If you don’t want to show automatic flow headings, change this option:

I see. This will take time to digest.

Also, a comprehensive tutorial about the interaction of all of these things in the creation of page templates and the offspring of such would be very helpful. Does one exist?

There are certainly some tutorial videos on the Dorico YouTube channel, but as I’m sure you can appreciate, it’s hard to create a single tutorial that encompasses every aspect of page templates as they can more-or-less be used to do anything and in various combinations.

Here are some good resources, starting with this playlist:

This Discover Dorico session also looks like it covers a good amount of the things you were asking about: