Flow title overlaps music - how to make more space?


A new flow starts at the top of a page, and there is quite some text above the first bars of music so it reaches up into the flow title.
Now, what can I do to push the music (including the text) down and away from the flow title?

  • Moving the whole music frame down also includes the flow title.
  • Making the flow title frame higher does not push the music down.

Any ideas?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Use the staff spacing tool to move the top system down slightly.

If the flow header moves as well, press Tab to select the smaller handle instead, which will move the top staff, not the entire system.

Hi, Dan!

I was half afraid that this would be the solution. I had hoped there was some padding option I had simply overlooked without moving all the staves (moving it “slightly” will not do the trick here :wink: ).

A customized Flow Header can add additional space under the flow text to allow for greater separation between the Flow Header text and the music.


A simple Flow headings change (without even chaging the flow headings template) can give you access to new vertical margins. @dan_kreider, you should try this :wink:
I find it cleaner (and way more doricoish) than using the staff spacing tool!

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I’ve tried it. I do use flow heading changes from time to time. But I find they’re more trouble than they’re worth for me. I much prefer to just adjust the staff spacing.

Anyways, there are presently no great solutions for making changes in the earlier part of an existing project if you’ve changed a lot of things on later pages.