Flow Titles not in correct place

Hello all. I’ve recently inputted into Dorico an XML file (originally created in Sibelius) of a 9-piece orchestration to a complete musical. Naturally, it needs a lot of cleaning up but there is one problem that I’ve not managed to solve as yet. All of the flow titles appear UNDERNEATH the respective composer and lyricist fields as opposed to being right at the top of the page. When I go into engrave mode and click to edit the first master page, the {@flowtitle@} doesn’t appear in the text box at the top of the page. When I insert it and click ‘apply changes’ and then go back into write mode the titles still don’t appear where they should. Any help greatly appreciated.

In order that Flow Headings can be drawn at the top of a flow that may start anywhere on a page, they’re distinct from Master Pages. You can edit the Default Flow Heading and create new ones from the Flow Headings section of Engrave mode’s right panel, just underneath the Master Pages section.

By default, the Project Title and Composer tokens are built into the text frames at the top of the First Master Page, and the Flow Heading containing the Flow Title will draw underneath that.

If you know that your flows are always going to start at the top of a page, you could go to Layout Options and turn off Flow Headers entirely, then from the same dialog tell Dorico to use the First Master Page for All Flows, then open the First Master Page in the Master Page Editor and swap out the {@projectTitle@} token for the {@flowTitle@} token.

If you want it to be possible for Flows to start immediately underneath the end of the previous Flow (potentially midway down a page), with composer information (and potentially lyricist information?), you could instead set the Layout Option that allows flows to continue rather than always starting on a new page, then open the First Master Page in the Master Page Editor, delete the frame containing the composer token, then extend the (blue) music frame upwards. Then open the Default Flow Heading in the Flow Heading Editor and add in a new Text Frame that contains the {@flowComposer@} token (if each flow is by a different composer) or {@projectComposer@} token underneath the Flow Title.

Your specific circumstances may not perfectly match either of these examples, but hopefully I’ve pointed you in the right direction.

Thanks for your very helpful, detailed response Leo (much appreciated).