flowers - ambient music - Desert

a one take track with the Una Corda sample library and Philippe on acoustic guitar and vocal.
No comping , added pandrums . one synth line , FX.
Improvisation and experiment with scapes and diffusion delay.

Listening now on my work laptop.

What’s your thoughts on the una corda? I saw it when NI released it and was curious.

Nicely done! You say it’s ambient music, and that it is! Very relaxing and something I can see being played in a spa.

I really love to play with the library. The real una corde is played well by Nils Frahm he 's on You Tube with some nice music on this instrument. For me it is a very inspiring instrument.


Peter, sounds great on my monitors! Has a wonderful spatial quality, and is very calming. Thanks for sharing.

Hauntingly beautiful.