Flows and Instrument Changes

I have duplicated a flow with the intention of changing one instrument in the copy. I changed the instrument in the new flow I want to work with. However, the instrument was changed in the original flow, which I prefer to avoid. So I went to the first flow and removed the score and players in the right hand layout list so that the flow would not be available, or hidden, while I work on the copy. I then changed the instrument and then had a look again at the original flow only to find the instrument had been changed there, too. What step am I missing?

You will have to add a new instrument for the new Flow. Then remove the old instrument from the new Flow and remove the new instrument from the old Flow.

  1. Setup Mode: Add your new instrument in Players
  2. Duplicate your Flow
  3. Select the Duplicated flow and add the new player to it.
  4. Write Mode (Duplicated Flow): Select all music in the original instrument and move it to the new instrument (use Alt-N/M as appropriate)
  5. Back to Setup: Select Duplicated Flow. Deselect the original player from that flow.
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Thank you , Craig and Janus

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If you don’t need to change anything except the instrument playing the same part, you don’t even need to duplicate the flow. These versions can both be the same flow, with both players, and you just need two different score layouts, each omitting a player.


Since I am still a bit green, I like to copy a project and work on that so as not to lose any data on the original. Confidence grows daily and I will keep all these options available.