Flows and Players

I have a piece for choir and strings, in three ‘sections’. For the middle section, the strings are tacent, so I don’t want them showing in the Full Score, but I do want the parts to show the rests, so that they don’t come steaming in with Part 3…!

What’s the best way to achieve this? I presume each section should be a different flow?

The settings for Hiding Staves is for each Layout (Score, Parts), rather than each Flow, which would be ideal. However, I don’t think I can hide the strings when empty, because they have lengthy rests in Flows 1 and 3, which I don’t want hidden in the Score.

Hope this is clear:
Section 1: Strings and Choir (String staves showing even when just rests.)
Section 2: Just choir, Strings not showing in Score, but rests showing in String Parts.
Section 3: Strings and Choir again.


You could achieve this by turning off the string players for Flow 2 when you are ready to print the Full Score.

Have a look at the flute parts in the bundled example score Rameau - Pigmalion Petite Suite, which is edited by fellow forumite Claude Lapalme. That’s a very elegant way to do it!

But keep the players turned on when I want to print the parts…? Hmm. I suppose an alternative would be to create a duplicate file for the Parts.

Ah. Thanks for pointing me at that. Lovely work. So I would have to add a text box in the Parts, saying “Section - tacet”.

I’d expected the whole Player/Layout thing to handle this more graciously. I have lots of works with 12 or more sections, each with a different scoring.

You don’t need a duplicate file, I don’t think. You can filter the players out in the frame in the full score.

At least you can do it as a master page which can be used several times. Still some manual tweaking, but all in all not too bad for the time being.
Daniel shares some plans for automatic handling of tacet in this thread; https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=715635#p715635

Can you explain how to do this?

benwiggy wrote:
“But keep the players turned on when I want to print the parts…? Hmm. I suppose an alternative would be to create a duplicate file for the Parts.”

Replying from my phone on the train to NYC to see Daniel’s presentation tonight (yeah!)

The parts are turned on by default, so if you print the parts first and Full Score last and don’t save you cut out a lot of work. “Once and done”!

Ah: I get villnai’s point: You can Filter players in or out of a Frame in the Master Pages. However, if I apply a filter to one Master, it seems to filter all of them. I’ll keep playing.

If you turn on frame editing and edit the particular page (not the Master) you will find that selecting the frame chain and changing it to a local (L) you will be able to Filter the players and it will only affect that page and not the Master.

Ah. There is an Unlink button in the drop-down for Chains.
I had to filter only Flow 2, too, otherwise it started from the beginning of Flow 1. Then I applied the new flow “LA”, to each consecutive page of the flow. (A bit tedious.)

However, I’ve still got the music of Flow 2 repeating afterwards when we’re back in the MA chain!

Maybe you will sort this out, but for my needs (quite similar to yours) the only decent solution actually is to have separate files for score and parts.

More specifically for my case, I want to hide empty staves when there is a reason to, I.E. when I will fit more than one system per page. The only way to achieve that within one layout is to hide all empty staves, and then add invisible text where I want the empty staves to show. I have no problem with that as a work around, but the invisible text will not work for the parts.

Also, I usually have the bracket to show in the score even if the group only contains one staff. But I do not want that in the parts = separate files is the solution.

It is an interesting idea to turn of players / change settings before printing out, but as the list of differences between part and score layout gets longer…

I seem to remember that I had to switch to a blank master page where the LA chain started and create LA frames manually for the rest of the document …

I think you’re right - for now.
Ironically, that’s what I have to do in Finale, to overcome its problems with Linked Parts/Score… :laughing:
Plus ça change, plus ça même chose

To prevent the music of flow 2 from appearing in the MA frame chain, you can edit that frame chain in the master page to exclude that flow.

Bingo! Thanks, Daniel.