FLS Slot limit is gone!

Hello everyone!
Very good news today for all the windows 10 users. The very annoying FLS Slot limit has been completely erased with the 1903 update. I highly recommend everyone to update to the newest version of Win 10, it was available today, at least for me here in Switzerland. I managed to make it work with the media creation tool 1903, the usual updates didn’t work. All perfect and no issues. Also checked if it really works. I used the plugins FLS checker and I can admit that it works. Use as many plugins as you want from now. No more worrys.

yes been running 1903 for a few weeks, it is a very good build so go ahead upgrade - I agree

Updated to the final Windows 10 public release version 1903/18362.116 last night.

Been working with Cubase for about 6 hours now. No issues noted. Nice! :wink:

And… the FLS checker provided at the link below shows 128. So I guess the limit is gone (or at least higher).


Regards :sunglasses:

same here! 1 hrs ago update to 1903. yes, limmit is gone, FLS can show max 128 slots

BIG UPDATE ! :smiley:

p.s. No problem with Drivers for eLicenser & UR44


Open heavy project, it shows before update 10 FLS slots,sometimes render freeze, or cubase crash.

after update i was bit schocked :slight_smile: now, i can load like 2x times more plugins, and render goes normal! Huuuuge performance update for me

The limit is far beyond 128, it just always shows 128 in the plugin. When u add plugins, it doesn’t change :slight_smile:

Remember that brand new versions of Windows 10 can come with some issues, as they have in the past. To be perfectly safe, it can be better to wait a bit before diving into 1903 even though it has the wonderful FLS slot fix.

New limit is over 4000 (according to MS)

Yeah thats right, thats why I always have an Acronis backup and can go back anytime. But no issues so far

can confirm, new update lifts the limit and its great!
to get it now instead of waiting you can use the update tool from microsoft:

That is true, though after the debacle surrounding the initial release of Windows 10 1809 with its data deletion bug, Microsoft have gone for a very different approach with Windows 10 1903. It has been available for weeks to anyone joining the Windows Insider “Release Preview” ring, also to those with MSDN subscriptions or volume licences for Windows 10. This means that developers and testers have had the release build for some time and there have been a few patches during this time including a regular monthly cumulative patch last week. It has also given time for driver updates to be released and tested - I would certainly consider updating your graphics drivers to the latest version if the latest version has official support for 1903.

Like many here, I image my machine before updating - in my case using the excellent Macrium Reflect. Though I use one of the paid editions, basic imaging functionality is available in the free edition. With an image, you have a way back if it all goes wrong.