FLStudio not working as a vsti plugin in Cubase 12

I can drag the FLStudio 21 VSTi into my Cubase 12 arrangement and a track shows up called FLStudio VSTi but the output says no VST instrument. If I try changing it back to FLStudio VSTi it does not stay. Anyone experience this? I’ve reinstalled FLStudio. I guess I could reinstall Cubase but I prefer not to go that route. Appreciate any suggestions.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Output defaults to nothing and will not accept changes. See attached. Thanks


That means, the VSTi has not been loaded. Could you try to load it as the Rack Instrument, please? How does it look like in the VST Plug-in Manager > VST Instruments?

I actually deleted all paths from the vst manager, rebooted cubase, it added them back, and all seems to be working now. Strange behavior but fixed. Thank you!