When I add a Flugelhorn to a brass piece, it doesn’t sound, nor does Flugelhorn appear in the Halion Sonic list of loaded instruments. If I use the brass band template it does load a “Flugelhorn” but it shows up in the Halion Sonic list as “trumpet combi”, along with all the various cornet parts. They all are the same sample and sound exactly the same.

There is a “Lyric Flugelhorn” deep down in the Halion Sonic list, and it plays from the keyboard there–sounding milder than the trumpet combi-- but when I assign it to the Flugelhorn part in the score, it doesn’t sound.

Can someone tell me how to get a “real” playing Flugelhorn into a score?


It may be that to get the Lyric Flugelhorn patch to sound, you need to also set its expression map in the Endpoint Setup dialog (which is the little dialog you get to by clicking the cog next to the name of the VST instrument in the panel in Write mode), and choose the appropriate volume type – it might need CC1 for dynamics, or possibly CC11. Let me know if you can’t figure it out and I can look further.

Thanks for your suggestion, Daniel, but I couldn’t get the Lyric Flugelhorn to sound in the score using the expression map. With several tries I only wound up getting strange sounds from the score and had to clear everything in the expression map to get back the original instrument sounds. Obviously I’m not ready to play with this stuff, and the Dorico Help file is of no help; it mentions the expression map but offers no tutorial on how to use it.

I must say I believe that every instrument chosen from the various lists displayed in the standard instrument setup should play, even if the default sounds aren’t the best possible. After all, isn’t that what Setup mode is for? If Flugelhorn is chosen under Brass, it should play; if not, Flugelhorn shouldn’t be offered.


For me the Flugelhorn uses the Horn Combi patch which I deem kind of plausbile.

The Lyrical Flugelhorn does work, but once it has been loaded in Halion (replacing the default instrument) one has to change the Expression Map in Dorico to either DEFAULT or CC11. (IIRC either will work - default uses key velocity for dynamics, CC11 uses controller 11) - Otherwise the key switches produced by the Xmap loaded by default will produce sound as if they were out of range normal notes…

Yes, Frank’s right, once you’ve chosen the patch you need to open the Endpoint Setup dialog in the VST Instruments rack and set the ‘Expression map’ column to ‘Default’ for the channel in which you’ve chosen to load the ‘Lyrical Fluegelhorn’ patch. Note also that by default the patch has a delay on it, so pull the ‘Delay mix’ knob right down to remove that delay as well.

Hooray! I finally got Lyric Fuegelhorn to work. It doesn’t sound bad, more “fuegelly” than the default Trumpet Combi sound. Shouldn’t it be the default sound for Fugelhorn as listed in Setup? I do notice that its note range is the keyboard range rather than the flugelhorn/trumpet range; not a big deal. The Help file has instructions for changing sounding range, but I don’t understand them.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your help.