Flutter tongue playback

In BBCSO there is a playback option “long flutter” available for the flutes. To make it work in an expression map, either of the “flz.” or “f.t.” must be used. Unfortunately that means that each note, which has to be played like that, needs the “flz.” text assigned, but at the same time MUST NOT have a trem. symbol – which is actually the common way to notate flutter tounge. It is also style guide of most publication houses to not always use both symbols that indicate the same thing.

Any trem. symbol actually overwrites the “flz.” and causes a “machine gun” effect. Re-assigning trem. in the expression map to the same playback technique does not work.

What would be the solution here to make “flz.” playback work as intended?

I don’t own BBC SO, so I can’t test this, but I downloaded the playback template and I think the following might work to have a simultaneous flz. and tremolo marking produce a flutter-tongue:

  1. Open the Flutes & Clarinets expression map.
  2. Duplicate the flutter-tongue technique.
  3. Double-click the entry, and Ctrl- or Cmd-click Tremolo, so you have a “Flutter-tongue + Tremolo” technique.

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@JesterMusician YEs, that works! Thank you very much!

Just to make clear: You DID add the combination “flz + trem” by yourself, right? Because it was not in my template, which I got from here:

Indeed, I downloaded that template, but this combination is not defined, so I added it manually. Glad to hear it works!

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