Flux StereoTool

Anyone using the free StereoTool from Flux? The VST3 version brings up a blank plug-in window, and VST version crashes Wavelab Pro 11.0.10. I have installed the newest version of Flux.


Try with WL Pro 11.0.20
PC or Mac ?

regards S-EH

Same results with 10.0.20. Mac OS 10.15.7.

In Windows 10 it works well here

I have been using StereoTool for years but some time ago it started to behave like you decribe it. I demoed other FLUX stuff as well and in most cases I got blank plugin screens. As far as I remember Flux are using grafik card accelaration which you can’t turn of and it seems to be not compatible with some grafic cards.
The developers were not very helpful in troubleshooting, so I gave up using FLUX plugins…

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This is true. I only use Flux Pure Analyzer as a standalone app and it works, but they keep making it worse and have also stopped responding to what was already sporadic email responses.

I haven’t been compelled to use any of their actual plugins because of this, but I do like Flux Pure Analyzer meter as a standalone app.

This is unfortunate, but good to know, thanks. I was thinking of trying out their analyzer, as well.

Analyzer works well in standalone mode. I haven’t tried the plugin that talks to the standalone app.

That being said, Supervision that comes with WaveLab 11 covers a lot of the same ground.

Yes, it looks good. I was look for some analysis for the studios at the school i teach at, where we don’t teach Wavelab. Nugen Visualizer looks like the next-best thing, but hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

Just to follow-up:

I received a prompt response from Flux, who appear to have solved the crash and released an update within a week. Their latest version works for me in WL 11.0.20 on Catalina.

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Great news.