Flying tempo marking

Well, this is a weird one. If I use the tempo marking q = q. (and only that one — NOT q. = q) in conjunction with a rehearsal mark, all goes well until/unless I try to nudge either the tempo or the rehearsal mark in Engrave Mode. Move either, and they both suddenly take off for points north: they immediately jump straight up maybe half an inch. Worse yet, trying to bring them back just keeps moving them north, until they’re quickly off the screen. Undo, nudging downward, no matter what I do, they just keep going up, until they’re so far out of sight I can’t retrieve them.

I have discovered that the one thing that will return them to their default positions is to go into Write Mode in the score, nudge the tempo mark to the left or right, and then return it to its original position. When I return to the part, both have returned to their original positions.

I checked to see if anything was going on in the Properties Panel and discovered that the Vertical Offset had turned itself on and was adding huge numbers. Unfortunately, turning that property off doesn’t return them to their original positions. Once they move, they seem to be off in their own worlds.

Am I missing something, or is it just a bug that needs fixing?

Thanks, as always.

Bug. See (and at least a few others)

It’s always helpful to have specific examples of these kinds of problems. If you could cut down the project file to a minimal case that still reproduces the problem and attach it here I’d be grateful.