FM Lab - Crashing Halion 7 FM every time

So, just got H7 this evening, and started to look at FM, and I can consistently crash it on Windows and Mac. This was literally 5 minutes into experimenting with it, as I wanted to compare the preset patches to the initial one (looking at operators, etc). Disappointed to say the least!


  1. Load up an H7 in an instrument track, and load an FM program by selecting FM Synth from the create page.
  2. Load any FM program from the list (rather than ‘init FM patch’).
  3. In halion, click Edit in the right-hand pane, then Zone in the one below.
  4. Right-click on the ‘-’ that appears in the lower pane of the right-hand side (the bottom of the attached screenshot).
  5. Cubase will crash - it gives a ‘serious problem’ error on Windows, and disappears without warning on macOS.

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Later testing right-clicking in this area seems to crash a number of synthesis modes… Just had it with the sampler as well.


I get it too, and it should be fixed. Took me a bit to figure out that you meant loading a Program from the media bay.

It’s pretty easy to avoid and still get what I believe is the intended experience out of FM Lab, or FM synth zones.

If you want to start from and edit one of the factory FM Lab programs or layers from media bay, the synth layer is locked inside a scripted layer that includes special macro editors.

Instead of going to the native H7 Zone editor, use the macro screen. You can save your edits as a fresh program or layer with a new name from there. Note, these can also be made in Sonic since they are designed to be manipulated through the Macro Screen (not sure if you can share the presets with someone who doesn’t have a Collections or H7 key)!

If you want to work with an FM synth zone in the native HALion zones,

create a fresh synth zone (either using the home page, or you can do it directly in the program tree of an instrument slot). You get an ‘unlocked’ FM synth zone then, with no ‘macro editor’.

I’m not sure why they ‘locked’ those synth layers in the FM Lab factory presets. It would have been neat to see how those macros were built! I know I learned a lot by looking at the unlocked scripts and resources for Studio Strings, Hot Brass, Skylab, Raven, etc…

Same thing for the Tails guitar. It’s pretty locked down. Maybe I over looked it, but that library doesn’t seem to have a native H7 zone like the organ builder and other synth zones do. So, whatever you build for that one…use the Macro Editor…save the preset under a new name. Done.



I haven’t tried it yet, but since I see native FM synth zones, I’m assuming those can be exported for ‘free Sonic’ users. If you want macro editing for it, would have to build it yourself?

I’m ‘guessing’ that sharing something made from the FM Lab programs/layers that include the macro editor might require end users have ‘Collections’ or full H7 registered?

Just right clicking on that control crashes it for me, too. Even with Init patch loaded up.

What is the point of right clicking it though? Does that perform some additional task, Or did you right click by accident and that’s how you noticed this bug?

In a normal zone, right clicking that gives options to fold/unfold just that tab, or ALL of them for the zone, etc.

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@Brian_Roland - thanks for this - hugely helpful. I’ll hopefully have some time to experiment more with H7 FM later, and get this up and running as you suggest. I wanted to look at how the presets are programmed and move from there, rather than from a blank slate, hence looking where I was (which is where things are in a blank patch).

I can’t see how anyone is expected to learn without looking at how patches are made and working from there - I’m pretty disappointed if that’s not possible as FM is challenging enough without having no way to see how others have done something and tweak it from there - particularly if you have to use a different method to start from scratch!

Not got to Tails yet, tweaking time is pretty limited at the moment…

Ahh so you can try them in you Dx9 :wink:
I can confirm as well .

You can still see how they are made and gain ideas from the factory programs/layers in terms of FM parameters (but not how the macro resources and scripts are done like we could with say, Skylab).

You’ll just need to use the Macro editor instead of the native H7 fm zone editor. I think you can save ‘presets’ in there that can be loaded into the native FM synth zones (if you need to roll something for the free player that you started building in one of these FM Lab programs with a locked FM synth zone).

The Marco editor is very similar. In some ways maybe even better (easier to see from a distance since things are bit larger).

So…if you intend to build something that you can share/sell with folks on the Free player, start with a program that does NOT have one of these ‘locked’ synth lab programs. Instead, make a fresh FM synth zone from the program tree.

If it’s for yourself, or collaborators you’ll be sharing it with have Collections or H7 installed…there shouldn’t be a problem using a factory FM Lab preset ‘locked zone’ in your program (could share the VSTpreset it makes in your Home/documents folder).

Crash confirmed. I am filing a bug report for one of the upcoming maintenance releases. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the trouble!


No worries, happy to report (I’m a Cubase and Dorico beta tester) - would have put it in JIRA, but I’m not on the Halion beta.

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Yeah, you got me! There will be a DX9 - H7 - FM8 showdown!

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That explains the high quality reproduction steps :grin: Thanks again for those :+1:

There’s another crash if you right click in the wavetable/filter area too:

As posted here:

Yikes 😬
Thanks for the info. Adding it to the bug report.

Edit: I can not reproduce the filter curve crash.

@skijumptoes can you always reproduce this?

Edit: Looking at your picture above. Wrong tab. Click the Wavetable tab 4 steps to the right.

Hello Philippe!

I just tried the above twice again and it chrashed instantly both times.

Steps to reproduce:
1.Start Halion
2. Choose create wavetable synth (from the home screen.
3. Goto Wavetable & click filter tab.
4. Right click on the filter curve screen = a serious problem has occurred.

(Latest Cubase 12 win10)

Yup 100% of the time on Mac including standalone H7, and I see @Deerek above is on Windows so you’d imagine it’s universal.

As he says you need to be on the wavetable tab (not zone), then the lower filter tab.

@Deerek @skijumptoes could you guys maybe PM me crashdumps? (you do not want to post all your computer info public…)

One more thing i forgot. In your picture you are using the spectral synth. This is the wrong synth. This happens with the wavetable synth. Can you try this one more time with the steps described above? Thank you

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