FM Synthesis (Artist 6)

Hi folks,

i was thinking of trying to learn something more about FM Synthesis. i had a look on ebay at DX7 (mark 1) and they sell for over £300 which is stupid !!!

So i was wondering if there was anything within Steinberg which offers a FM Synthesis or DX7 type replica ?? i know that Native make the Absynth (not sure how much that costs) and this has an FM mode. And also there is the FM8 (not sure who makes it) and i think this is a free download ??

My Cubase Artist 6 came with 3 x synth type engines (can’t remember what they are called now as i have been away from my PC for a couple of weeks) so i am not sure if any of these are FM based ??

Thanks very much indeed.



In my mind the FM8 is the best FM synth I’ve used.

You can easily get (or make) all the DX7 sounds plus much much more the DX7 could never do.

It’s not free however (unless you’ve been offered one of those under-the-counter copies) ;o)

it’s 199 euros but it is pretty brilliant!

Thanks very much indeed.

So an FM sound generator does not come included in any of the Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7 packages ?? And Steinberg don’t make one as an additional purchase option ??

The Prologue synth, which is also included in Cubase 6 artist, has Fm capabilities. USe the frequency modulation mode to modulate two independent oscillators.

Thank you, i will check out the Prologue this weekend.

The other option (as i say) was to buy an FM synth off ebay. The DX9, 21 & 27 are much cheaper than DX7 and so i might keep an eye open. But for what i want if for (study) i would only really be prepared to pay around £50 top whack.

The FM8 looks totally amazing but i think its overkill for what i need. Maybe in the future though.

If it’s only for study purposes; get yourself some trial plugins and remove when done.

Thats a good idea thanks. However, will i then get bombarded with update prompts (ie to purchase the software) once the trial period was over ??

Sorry, I don’t know - don’t use any of them, and it’s different for different suppliers surely.

Those real DX synths are absolute classics but I had the DX21 many years ago and it was nasty to program on that little 2 line display.

Maybe read some reviews on free FM synth VSTs. There’s plenty out there if you google.

If you’re going to get FM8, be prepared for a serious learning curve.

Would you say that if you could learn to program (say) the FM7 or FM8 then you would automatically be able to program a real DX7 ??

Learning any FM synth programming would help a great deal.

It’s the actual process of programming on the small LCD screens that the Yamahas have which is a pain. After years of programming synths on a computer screeen I wouldnt wish anybody to have to go back to that.

There may be computer software which can programme a DX synth via midi but it’s would still be slower than using a VST and, in my experience, often prone to crashing.

Look, if you want a DX synth because they’re retro, still sound good etc then dont let me stop you. If you want something in order to learn FM synth programming I’d say the DX wasn’t the smartest move…

i could not care what they (DX keyboard) sound like and it is not something i would use on a gig. The sounds are too dated in any case. i would say that a VSTi is going to be the way forward. i would buy a keyboard off ebay if one came on for £40 but i can’t ever see that happening because they seem to sell for totally stupid prices !!

:laughing: It would be easier to find a '50s Les Paul for £400

I agree, at least you should count on paying a € 100 more! :smiley:

(Sorry for very lame humor)

Not too sure about that statement as one just sold for £50 on ebay !!

I’m sorry. I forgot we were talking about watered-down toy DXs.

Well the title and content of this thread are 100% related to the DX7 so i am not really sure what else you could have thought i was refering to ??

Your link (£50 Ebay sale)is refering to DX21. A 4-operator FM synth. Completely different kind of animal compared to DX7.

Oh ok, i did not realise there was much difference between the DX21 and DX7. The DX21 was 4 x years newer but i know has less Operaters and Algorithms than DX7.