FM Synthesis Module

It would be really nice to see an FM synthesis module in Halion. I really miss having FM in there.

Falcon has a 4 op FM module, but since Steiny is partners with Yamaha, perhaps they could create a DX7 clone that reads DX7 patches.

Would be a great source of sound design possibilities crossed with the rest of Halion.


A FM-Modul will come but it’ s a special-modul for HALion and will not DX-7-compatible.


Absolutely waiting for a 8x8 freely configurable FM matrix module like in FM8…

DX7 compatibility is not required for me (in fact I’d consider that an obstacle when it comes to possible functionality and creative options, because the DX7 model of FM synthesis was very limited by todays standards and I don’t like to be held back by over 30 year old concepts), but I’d LOVE to see modern FM synthesis in Halion.

FM synth module 1+.

FM +1

I will welcome any synthesis form in Halion, but how do you know this FM modul will happen?

Matthias mentioned it in the german forum. He says it’s going to be Steinberg’s own expanded take on FM instead of being based on classic hardware, unlike most software FM synths.

Thanks for clearing that up. Sounds promising.
I foresee more time in Halion 6…and less in Cubase :wink: .

All the best.

+1 8x8 FM zone with full halion 6 modulation and scripting :slight_smile:

RCM not FM
involve samples in the operators not just pure synth waves
the realtime convolution and modulation is FM but with samples also involved see Yamaha SY-99
a free shape algorithm with 8 operators in a modular fashion

+1 yes please FM :smiley:

I’ve always been a fan of FM synthesis, even though it’s a bear to program. Something about the sound of modulated spherical Bessel functions feels natural but not quite, almost like it comes from a universe similar to our own. Subtractive synthesis seems like a clean-up operation much of the time.

So, yes I do look forward to Steinberg’s take on that as well.


FM or RCM (better ref. Yamaha SY-99)) creates new harmonics not present in the original sound it is real synthesis not a manipulative synthesis it creates new sounds the key is the operator’s wave be it sample or synth-wave
IMHO it is the best synthesis method anywhere i do have the SY-99 and i know that it is a journey to the unknown regarding sound exploration
but sy-99 is limited in the memory size and althought i do have the memory expansions it is a total of 3mb user memory !!!
You can go the extra mile and add FS FM (formant shaping) as in the Yamaha FS-1R- where is Yamaha? C’mon people Yamaha-Steinberg cooperate
Now with a program such as Halion …

+1. FM in next update ( :