Focal Alpha 80 Studio Monitors

I’m considering purchasing the above mentioned monitors to use in cubase 9. Does anybody have any knowledge on the product, good or bad.

I produce Pop/Rock music if this helps.

Alternatively, if anyone can suggest a superior product in the price range, or maybe slightly more expensive, i’d be most appreciative.

Kind Regards


Monitors are a very personal thing, your best best is to go and listen to a bunch. Better still, if the shop allows, listen to your top contenders in your studio as the room has a profound effect.

Thanks PP. Just for your info, i eventually picked up a pair of Adam A7X’s and couldn’t be happier!!

Funnily enough I was considering those! Do you find the ribbon tweeter colours the sound or is it transparent? I know it shouldn’t actually matter to the likes of us - but those monitors look great too! :blush: