Focus gets stuck on eq sometimes.

Hiya I finally realized what was causing it, sometimes when clciking eq then to another window, the focus becomes fixed on the eq, so if entering the editing the user will not be able to use arrow keys as they will scroll through tracks instead.
Re clicking a numbered dot releases the focus on the eq window.
Then things work ok again.

also when u fix things, if click E to edit on say halion and it’s output is set to 2, coudl it auto open 2 and not 1, pleeeeeease. :slight_smile:

Hoping the EQ bug is fixed soon, is a little annoying. If peeps don’t know how to get past the bug it just seems like cubase is locking up when it’s not.
But if you are using the eq then it seems cubase locks, reclick a dot in the eq then it unlocks cubase again.