Focus Quick Control Not Working on Additional Channels

I’ve got a few buttons on a Behringer X-Touch Mini mapped via Midi Remote to paramaters set up with Focus Quick Control. This mapping is duplicated on all channels across my start up template.

I’ve noticed that these buttons work well with all selected channel types - except for additional channels created from VST instruments. There are a couple of VST instruments in my start up template that have additional output channels. When one of these additional channels is selected, the Focus Quick control mapped buttons have no effect at all on their mapped paramaters.

This doesn’t surprise me. There are many functions in Cubase that do not work on specifically Instrument Tracks (Track Instrument) where additional outputs have been activated. Interestingly, the same is not true for additional outputs enabled on a Rack Instrument. It’s been the case since the introduction of Track Instruments.

I got around the issue by making a group channel for each additional instrument track, and then configuring the Mix Console accordingly. A pain - but you only have to do it once!

Thanks for the tip about Rack Instruments. :+1:

I’ve set my drums up that way now (instead of as a Track Instrument), seems a much better way of working generally for instruments with multiple outputs. And also means I don’t need the extra layer of group buses.