Focusrite 816 audio input issues

Im hoping someone can help me. I have recently purchased a focurite 816 3r gen audio interface and I cant get it to work properly with external sound inputs. I have a few outboard synths connected to each of the audio inputs of the 316. inputs 3 & 4 ar configured as stereo inputs and the stereo outs of my SE02 are connected into it. I have a midi channel setup and an audiol channel with the stereo (3&4) inputs selected as source. If I play a note on a midi controller keuybaod I can hear sounds from the SE02. The problem however is that the audio channel itself doesnt actually register any input (no meter movement) but I can hear audio. Its very low in volume and I just cant see where its coming from. As far as I can tell the 316 is configured correctly. Ive attached a few screenashots of the configuration, can anyone help ?

Im using Cubase 12 Pro on a Windows 11 64bit system.


Few ideas, as they come…

  • Is there any Direct monitoring feature involved, in your case ? Difficult to grasp, from here, as I’m not accustomed to the Focusrite Control software.
  • There is no sound at all coming in your se02 audio 01 track, and I think this is normal, because you haven’t activated either the Record or the Monitor button on what I guess is the related MIDI se02 midi 01 track. I have also external synths here, and if I don’t activate one of these in the MIDI tracks dedicated to one of them, I won’t receive any audio signal in Cubase. Be sure also that the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Through Active setting is ticked.
  • The very faint audio you are receiving can come from the Focusrite Control Analogue 3-4 stereo input channel (seems that it receives a -25 dB signal). Check the way it is set relatively to the OS audio settings. I suspect that the Focusrite control software is behaving independently from Cubase. IOW, the audio coming in your inputs are played back beside it. So, could you post a screenshot of your Studio Setup > Audio System panel and, additionaly, check your Windows sound settings ?