Focusrite 8i6 working


Just posting to report that my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 works with the apple camera kit and usb powered hub.

Great app. Well worth the money. Only problem is the extra £145 it will cost me to go from Cubase 6 - 7 to use the importer.


Neil, I have some problems with my 8i6 to work with Cubasis.
What is the make of the usb powered hub you use? I have tried with the D-Link USB DUB-H4 but it didn’t work.
And I have installed the Scarlett 8i6 iPad Mappings.

Is it becuase of my USB hub that it wont work?

Hope to get this running soon :slight_smile:

Just an ungraded eBay job. I don’t have any of the 8i6 links installed.

I had it working for input and output simultaneously.

What problems are you having

If I connect it by using the hub it has no contact with ipad. The same without the usb hub.
So I wonder if it might be the hub that doesn’t work with the ipad.

Updatet the firmware. Now everything works.
No powered USB hub needed. :slight_smile:

The 8i6 firmware? Great if I can dump the USB hub

Hi! I´m very excited about Cubasis! it´s a great app.
I´ve the scarlett 18i6, but it works only recording through the channels 1 or 1-2 (mono/stereo). It would be possible to record multitrack sessions with the scarlett? Thanks in advance! Jonatan.

Yes, the Scarlett MixControl 1.2 firmware.
You can download it here.

Thanks for your reply!
I´ve the firmware updated, I also updated the ipad mappings. Garage band for ipad let me use all the inputs (from 1 to 18) but Cubasis only recognize the inputs 1 and 2. :frowning:

Cheers for the firmware link. I only tried 1 and 2 on mine. Don’t really need more than that on my ipad to be honest.