Focusrite i820 not being detected

Continuing the discussion from Cubase 13 trial Focusrite Interface not being seen:

I have been using Cubase for over 50 days now this month the trial will end. I have NOT been using the “focus control center” and it has been working in Cubase (which was something that was being utilized on my old computer system iMac Cubase 10 pro
Just recently-trying to get a bigger sound out of my new KRK speakers-I downloaded the “control center” to my new machine MacBook Pro M1 (Again, I’ve been using Cubase 13 pro trial on this this whole time without any problems like the following) There was no difference in volume so I figured it might be something else. Two days later, cubase is no longer seeing my Focusrit i820 2nd gen interface , My computer will see it and play YouTube videos it, etc. through the speakers. But the interface is no longer being by Cubase. I’ve check in my computer settings in my computer is utilizing the Steinberg Focusrite I have Forced quit the programs both of them uninstalled the “control center” Reinstalled control center still the same as happening. This is the worst time I have a big project that I need to have it done 2pm tomorrow. Please help.