Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 & Lexicon MX200 with JBridge

I can not seem to find anything in the Knowledge base about any version of Cubase and the MX200 working as a VST. Has the search feature been taken out of the archived forum? I know the MX200 is kind of dated so I figured more info would be there…

Or… if anyone would just happened to know, I’m having a problem of having the MX200 being recognized as anything other then a MIDI controller. I can use the MX200 when Cubase is not loaded and change the settings etc… but not as VST in Cubase 6.02 64 bit. I am using JBridge to be able to use it in 64 bit.

I also can not get the Focusrite to work even in same set up above. Cubase does see it, you can load up in FX channel but it doesn’t work. I can see sometimes audio gets to it but the compressor and EQ do not work. I did switch the drivers over to the legacy drivers for the firewire.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Even if you can point me to some type of site or manual (Both manuals, for Liquid Mix and MX200, do not address this issue).

I should also add that I have turned off the UAC in Windows 7 but even before I did that, I had them set to open in Admin mode.

Also I’m using a 48 KHz rate.

And third time editing this LOL… I am using the latest versions of both software and updated the MX200 with the latest firmware update.


Ok, was able to get Lexicon MX200 working by doing lots-o-searches & trying different things. What "did the trick " was for some reason, Cubase see’s the MX200 as a MIDI controller, so you have to go into settings and uncheck that as a MIDI controller. This is assuming the MX200 is recognized and you’re able to use the “save library” tool.

Lexicon MX200 Fix…
1. Uncheck MX200 as MIDI controller
2. Check in device manager and if you do not see the Lexicon MX200 listed, then unplug the USB cable and plug it back in. Once I did this it popped right up in the device manager.
3. I’m pretty sure this also effected the MX200 as well as other devices, was I had the project bit rate set to 32 bit floating. After I reset it to 24 bit, things started picking up from there!!
4. Make sure you are using latest software, version 3.

I was also having a problem with Nepheton (wow does that thing rock!!). Fortunately, the tech support is really good and pretty quick. I am using JBridge and they had me set it to;
1. “prevent main host control when the GUI window is closed” and
2.“I am getting a dispatcher opcode 19 error message”

As far as the Focusrite, I’m still working on that one because as soon as I got the Lexicon MX200 working along with Nepheton, I had to hear both in action… wow are those sweet!!! :smiley: Both sounded really good!!!

As side from making sure you are using the power plug and not just the firewire cable (I already had it plugged it but just added it in case it helps someone else) Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 fixes so far;

  1. Change the Firewire drivers to the “legacy” as stated above
  2. Checking in the device manager to make sure the Focusrite LM is shows up
  3. Make sure you are using the latest drivers
  4. Also make sure the Focusrite is on a firewire port by itself. It apparently uses a bit more power and having something else on the same PCI card isn’t enough juice to make it work right.
    5… will have to look into it more and will post the fix. Might try uninstalling and reinstalling
    … assuming someone else is using Cubase 6 with the old Focusrite LM 16.