Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 on Windows 7 64bit - Cubase 5

I just purchased a second hand LM 16. I managed to install it ok. However, the plugins are not showing up in my DAW (I’m using Cubase 5).

Which folder do I put the LM files in? I think I’ve tried every possibility and still no joy.

I also tried a demo version of jBridge, but it says ‘No valid files found’ when I search for the LM files.

Am I missing something?


Is that a 64 bit version of cubase?

Are they .dll files so VST effects?

Doesn’t matter where you put them as long as you add that path to cubase.

So they are 32 bit plugs?

Cubase version is 32 bit.

The Focusrite files are not .dll, they are .LEQ and .LCP

And yes, the plugs are 32 bit

What have you done so far and what type of firewire chipset do you have?

I use a firewire audio interface and it has to have Texas Instruments chipset.

Have you read manuals and watched vids?

I installed the software and I changed the firewire driver to the legacy version. The active button lights up, so the firewire connection is ok, but the problem I’m having is that the plugins don’t show up in the plugins menu in Cubase.

Have you tried routing a signal to the Lmix and use the hardware interface?

Curious to see if that part is working. I never had one, always wondered how they worked.

Might find a Focusrite forum…