Focusrite liquid mix question

I have seen several of these units for sale on kijiji and ebay at very reasonable prices, I understand that they have been discontinued and I believe driver support stops at windows 7 but I have no intention of upgrading to windows 8 anytime soon and a used liquid mix unit seems to be a pretty good bang for the buck.

Does anyone have any experience or insight on this unit, be it with known compatibility issues or an opinion on it’s sound quality?

thanks in advance


I have one of these and its kind of a mixed bag but mostly positive. Downsides are that there will likely never be a 64x driver but it does work with Win 7. Also you will get the best results with a specific firewire card, A SIIG card (paid $47 for mine). I would test firewire functionality first then get card if needed.

Upsides are large number of compressors and eq’s that sound great with no strain on the computer.

so if I am running windows 7 64 bit the device won’t function? or it will just function in 32 bit? I just upgraded 2 weeks ago so I really have no clue about 64 bit issues