Focusrite Saffire Liquid 56

Anybody besides me using the Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 with Nuendo? My Tascam FW1884 finally stopped working and I just picked this up. Preamps sound very good. Any advice from people who are using it? I’m Win7/64 bit and Nuendo 32 bit. I’m using the 1394 controller in Legacy mode.
I have some rhythm section tracking to do Monday, so if you know of any issues to be aware of with this unit, I’d be grateful for a “heads up”.


hi, been running this unit 24 bit @ 48kHz with N5 since it shipped (N5) - no issues with tracking other than the inherent latency limits of FW . . . liquid preamps are nice bonus, no issues with mine. Saffire Mix control works fine. Make sure unit is latest firmware. If you ever lose connection with the unit (FW ports are the worst for connection) shut down your computer, then hard reset the Saffire, then turn the computer back on. That usually solves it.

Also works flawlessly with Presonus Digimax FS, so I have 8 more channels coming in via light pipe for a total of 16, clocking with bnc cable. Recommend high quality cable like Apogee if you ever do connect another unit to it.

Thanks Robert,

I’m testing tonight and everything seems fine so far. I’ll check with Focusrite re:firmware. I know I have the latest driver (Saffire Mix Control 2.2). Once this configuration seems stable I’m going to add the Octapre mkII via lightpipe, so I can have 16 ins, like you. It’s good to hear you are having success. Thank you.