Focusrite Sapphire 6 not recognized in Studio 4

I just got a Focusrite Sapphire 6 USB interface for my MacBook Pro. Am running OSX 10.6.6. If I create a new midi track, it recognizes the Sapphire 6 as a midi option. It also recognizes that it is there for VST instrument driver, but can’t get the VST instruments to come through. However, with audio tracks, it does not show it as an option, only the built-in in/out. Any suggestions?

RTFM on how to select the correct audio card driver in Cubase VST Audio system.

EABOSYFD. I’ve read manuals and I’ve been using Cubase for years.
I updated the Focusrite driver and now the VST instruments work. Still only showing internal speakers/mics for audio channel input/output selects though. Anyone know if Studio 4 is maybe not fully compatible with Snow Leopard? -> CTFKB ( Check the fvcking knowledgebase…)

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Did you configure the device in Core Audio/ MIDI and try selecting that in Device Setup?

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Anyway, got it all worked out. Looks like I just needed to download the newest version of the Focusrite driver. Was a little excited to get to play with a new toy so I forgot about the all-important ‘make sure you have the latest driver’ step. Also, am used to my Audiophile 2496 on my G4 desktop, where it actually says ‘Audiophile 2496’ in the input/output select menus on the channels, as opposed to just stereo in or stereo out. Also was looking for an input bounce meter in the selected record tracks when testing an input, which also was there with my old set up.
Time to play now! Thanks!