Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 not working with Cubase


After many hours of trying I think I am totally stuck with trying to get my new Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 to work with Cubase 7 or 8 on a Mac (El Capitan). Simply there is no in/out sound or signal and occasionally just “Recording error: driver is not running”. When recording no data is being written, when listening none of the outputs show life. Mixer Control software for Focusrite gives signal and works but there is no connection with Daw. I’ve tried updating all software, drivers, firmware, even tried the beta driver, changing buffer etc. Cubase sees the device, I can setup connections but doesn’t look like it’s really using the driver. It just wont work. Scarlett works on it’s own or with other daws fine. It seems just bit unusual that there is no official information about this problem and no support especially considering Focusrite is popular brand and a quality one. I am out of ideas, please help I can’t return the product!

Sounds like something is not set up right in Cubase then!
Can you show us your VST connections page, and your device setup --> VST sound system?


Sorry to hear that you’re having problems.

It’s worth noting that Cubase 7 is not supported by Steinberg on El Capitan, please ensure that you’re using the very latest update to Cubase 8 (8.0.35 minimum - ).

Have you contacted us in support directly, if so have you not received a response? You can contact us directly here:

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

Here is a wiki page that might be helpful as a starting point.

I went back to the store and asked them to give it a shot. The guy confirmed it only worked with latest full version of Cubase 8, we tried Cubase 7, Elements / AI 8 and few other cheaper options but it really didn’t work. So I ended up swapping the unit for UR44 and that worked fine with all versions. Having few issues with that one too but not as big, I posted in a new thread. Thanks for your help.

Interesting info, but sad. I’ve bought my interface (18i20) a long time ago, and haven’t actually used it more than for trying out speakers, as it works fine with iTunes and other sound producing units. So, as I understand it, I’ll have to upgrade lots of versions (currently in the antique shop with Studio 5!) or change platform. I guess there is no fix for this in sight from Focusrite, or any other model with lots of in&outputs? I certainly can not return the interface after 1,5 years…
My plan for this summer was to write the epic hit of 2017, but obviously it’ll have to wait.

I’ve managed to get Scarlett 18i8 interface to work with Cubase 7 and Mac OS 10.12 Sierra by creating an aggregate audio device - - then it will work fine EXCEPT that there is a syncing issue because it seems hard coded to sync only to internal which means I cannot use my mic preamp interface which was connected via ADAT to the 18i8 ADAT in (where the preamp interface needs to be set as master sync, the 18i8 needs to be set to sync to ADAT). So unless you have my situation (i.e. another external audio interface that needs to be a master ADAT sync) the aggregate audio device should work.

just to clarify, all I did was created an aggregate audio device with the 18i8 as the only device inside it.