Focusrite Scarlett 4I4 3rd Generation

Are these any good for a pc using Cubase 13 pro ?
What would be the latency reading in Cubase ?
I’m thinking of buying a used one.


Sorry to say, but Focusrite has quite poor drivers. They are unstable and unreliable. I would select an Audio Device of another company.

Perhaps on Windows. The Scarlett Focusrite hardware/software is rock solid on Mac/iPad. For me.

@Martin.Jirsak Works fine for me on both Windows 10 and a MacBook Pro.
Where do you get the info for poor drivers, and that they are unstable and unreliable. ?

I use a Scarlett 18i8 1st generation with no issues.


Here on the forum. I have read about the drivers issues very often (significant more often in comparison to other vendors) here on the forum.

No problem either with the drivers of my Scarlett 8i6 which are perfectly stable (Windows 11).

On the other hand, the latency is not exceptional: around 14 ms (rtl) with 44 khz and a buffet of 128. a little less at 48 khz. For my part it suits me very well but we are far from the performance of an RME for example.

I have 4i4 3rd gen, Windows 11, Cubase Pro 13 - all solid as a rock here.

I had the original 2i4 for over 10 years before this - absolutely no driver issues.

I’ve decided to pass on this.