Focusrite Stopped Working On Cubase 5

I really hope someone can help me out with the proplem I’m having.

I have Cubase 5.1.0 Build 105 and a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Studio package. I get audio in Windows, but it refuses to detect and/or play any signal through Cubase. I have done the following in my quest to fix my issue:

Re-Installed Cubase, Re-Installed the Interface (with up-to date drivers)
in cubase I did:

  1. Devices / Device Setup / Selected Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver under the VST Audio System selection
  2. Devices / VST Connections / Under inputs and outputs, I created Stereo Bus’

I did the above mentioned on my previous system and all worked well, but refuses to receive and play any signal now. Interesting to note, when I go to VST Audio System and select the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver, my scarlet works fine, but I can not reduce the latency, I am using MIDI Instruments, low latency is a must. I would dearly appreciate any help. I truly fell in love with Cubase, some of my friends said I must go to Ableton, but I refuse, I would love to update to the latest Cubase soon, but financially not possible yet. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I fixed the problem, I had a feeling my OS was at fault. How exactly I’m unsure. I have a theory tho: every time I reinstalled my focurite interface, the System gave it a prefix. like: 1-Focusrite USB Audio Driver. When I removed it and re-installed it: it would view 2-Focusrite USB Audio Driver and so forth. I think this didn’t sit well with Cubase.I may be wrong, but all I know I was fed up, I backed up my system, did a format and reload of the OS (Operating System), Re-Installed Cubase and the Inteface, I followed the exact same steps as stated above, all is well now. I may be wrong, but I am sure as hell glad it’s working again. I receive signal and can record. Just thought I give an update. Where can I buy the latest Cubase?