Focusrite Stops When Computer Idle

I just had MB and CPU replaced a few weeks ago. No reinstall was needed and everything is basically as it was before replacement… except my Focusrite 4ch USB now stops working if I walk away from the computer for a half hour or more.
It seems to be a Cubase problem because it still works on other pc audio if I don’t have Cubase open.
My Steinberg UR22II doesn’t do it, just the Focusrite.

Focusrite support has suggested many tweaks, which I have done, but nothing changes.

They thought it might be a Cubase issue, so just asking for suggestions ?

if I got a new MB I would absolutely do a re-install of my system

Yeah, I would definitely think so. Just asking for trouble. And the amazing thing is … nobody even knows what this mysterious operating system is! :confused:

Or, for that matter, what is the “Focusrite 4ch USB” ? :unamused:

ya so true sir … facing same kind of issues