Focustrite vs Behringer studio/live interface

I currently use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 in my home studio - no complaints what so-ever. But, I am in need of a digital mixer for live use and was wondering what experiences people have had trying to ‘cross-over’ between live & studio, using the same interface.

I regularly use the Behringer Xair XR18 our Church and was wondering how that would stack up quality wise in the home studio vs the Focusrite? The Behringer has Midas preamps, so I’m wondering if it mainly comes down to the quality of digital conversion and the latency?

Thought anyone?

The sound quality is good but not the best (wouldn’t expect this), for live applications it’s good enough and demo recording also no problem!

The XR18 is unbeatable functionally vs cost, surely if live application is the main thing!

Thanks for the info!

This what I was thinking also. Value for money; the behringer is great for live, but I’m not surprised with its quality limitations