Folder Divider

I thought the new Folder Divider addon in the NamingScheme section of the Montage is a really good way to set up individual sub folders for exports when you make a render preset, but I don’t quite get why it takes into account the “separator” since the filenames inside the folder will always start with the chosen separator character i.e “_Metallica” where you probably would just want it to say “Metallica”.

Anything I’m missing here in regards to this feature?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Please provide a more comprehensive example.

If I would want to create a folder called “Digital Masters” as part of a NamingScheme and then have a naming convention that follows that for example would add CDTextArtist_CDTextTitle_Counter_CDTrackTitle and use the separator function which in this case would be an underscore “_” so that the resulting filename would be;

Metallica_Black Album_01_Enter Sandman

If I would add the text “Digital Masters” at the start followed by a Folder Divider the resulting filename inside the folder would be;

_Metallica_Black Album_01_Enter Sandman

Since after the Folder Divider the NamingScheme will naturally add a separator, and that first underscore in the filename in this case, I can’t think of any situation yet in which that would be a desirable outcome.

I see, and you are totally right. I will fix this asap.

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I confirm this will be part of the next minor update. In the mean time, you can still insert manual separators with the “Free Text” attribute.

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