Folder Name changed Track Names!

N10.0.2 (Last version with transparent track option) I just grouped several similar tracks, ie: Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, etc. and it changed the names of the individual tracks to the name on the folder! :flushed:Is this some kind of preference I missed? How do I stop this from happening again?

Nobody? :confused:

The work around is simple. Create a folder, name it and pull the tracks into it. But that negates the entire feature of labeling a populated folder. Nobody else had this problem?

Does it do it every time?
It happened to me for a while as I would keep the shift key down without noticing, and that effectively renames all the tracks within the folder.

It doesn’t happen every time. In fact, I think it was in N8 the last time I remember this happening. I’ll be sure to watch out if I’m still holding the Shift Key while labeling the folder. Thanks for the tip!