Folder track to move all data ?

i put all my project,including tempo,time signature,marker and all other regular tracks in a folder.kind of master folder when i fold it only the folder is visible.
what i am trying to achieve is editing, so if i move,copy etc the " Master Folder"… all content inside the project is edited.
but it doesn’t works of course that way. if i move a segment part of the folder only the “regular track” inside the folder are moved, but the tempo,TS,Marker etc don’t move with it.
is it possible somehow to make it like the editing in the “range” menu,where it edits all the project tracks !
maybe its achievable with the arranger track ?(not by flattening just by moving the parts )

Edit:if it’s not possible i think A Master folder or A section track or whatever, could be nice for long projects where lots of changes are made in editing sections


sorry got no solution :confused:

just a +1 to your suggestion

i also have a ALL folder (for moving things around quickly)
and ALL bus (no automation on the master in Cubase)

I think if you use a “master folder” with the range tool, it works as you wish. All track content moves or copies. Here’s a video demonstration.

Hope this helps.

  • Jason

its working, but not always ,some tracks are offset, but its almost there… thanks :wink: