Folder Track update please!

I would like to see v14 have 3 folder types , this would clean up and organise mixing workflow once and for all. If the ability to pack and unpack faders in a single click.

  1. What we have now
    (but with a option to also have the mixer follow) i.e folders in mixer
  2. VCA folder (same as above, but with a master fader) VCA style
  3. Group folder (any track inside gets bussed to its group

Please can we have this !!



Add the options feature-request tag to your post.


Just following up on this , am I really the only person that would like this ?

TBH more folder types might produce more clutter and confusion rather than ‘organise mixing workflow once and for all’. Where would you put them all and how could you tell the difference between them?

We already have this. Folders are shown in the left Visibility panel. And, using this, you can show / hide all channels in a folder with a single click of the mouse. Personally I think this is already well implemented.

Not sure what you’re asking for here but you can already assign a master VCA fader to a group of existing VCA faders (or any other group of channels) and put these channels in a folder.

You can already achieve this to some extent using the command ‘Add Group Channel to Selected Channels’

You probably want to be able to drag channels into your proposed folders and have them automatically routed. I agree that there may be a case for the automatic routing of channels but I’m not sure that more folder track types is the way to go.

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We do not have folders in the mixer at all

As for more clutter, having a folder and a group is more clutter than a summing folder

There would no more clutter at all , simply right click on a folder and same make it summing , that folder would then have a master fader and also the mixer should follow.

Option 2 would be right as select VCA folder then the track would not get bussed it the folder would be a master fader

To me the is simple workflow leap forward.

Keep what we have for user like you that like what’s there now

Sorry, but yes we do. Please take a good look at the mixer as you seem to be missing what I wrote above. As stated above you can view and manipulate folders in the left ‘Visibility’ panel. And you can use the tick to the left of the folder name to ‘pack / unpack’ all channels in the folder with a single click of the mouse, as you wanted to do (See screenshot below). In my opinion, this is a better arrangement than what you are suggesting and is already implemented.

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Yes we a list on the left side but you can’t open and close them like in the arrange window

I understand your happy with what you have which is great , but for me we’re missing the new way people work in most DAW if you using hardware faders , having a VCA or summing folder in the mixer would give use all options IMO being able to select that via the mixer unfold change levels and then close it with just a master fader for over all control. Simple and clean

I’m not sure we’re communicating here. I think you meant to say ‘you can’t open and close them like in the arrange window’. But you can open and close them like in the arrange window. Just use the column with check marks (tick symbols) to the left of the name. Click on the tick and you will see the result. And this is the whole point. One of the things you asked for is already implemented.

I agree there is some communication issues going on here.
You are both right it seems: the folders can collapse in the edit window but won’t do that in the mixer. you can however do it with visibility.
I’m using the key commands (below) to do the collapsing).

The thing is. a collapsed track folder is not by definition a collapsed mixer folder. For the mixer to not show the content of the folder you have to change the visibility setting (my mouseclicks).

See here the shortcuts for folders in N13 (I made my own key commands BTW), these only work in the mixer to a certain extend.

One thing that seems off though: when you have multiple folders and select just one folder and then do a ‘Toggle Folder open state’ it will do it for all folders. Not sure where the logic is in that. But when you click on the other folders and do the same command it does work as expected.

BTW I have nothing against the argument for having ‘complex’ folders with more options (VCA etc) but this one request is already somewhat implemented. It’s not perfect though!

I happen to be away typo on my phone , when I get back I’ll reply with screen shots , if you have used LPX or ProTools you will all know what I’m talking about , basically (in cubase ) it would be great if the arrange window folder were the same in the mixer at this point we all know that’s not what we have !

Even better if the folder could be a VCA or Summing (Group in Cubase)

So for all none Logic user (or people that don’t know it) here is how it’s done there. which to me seem very simple after straight forward

Both Folder have a master fader -
Summing is the master output of the tracks inside - you can also add plug ins
None Summing is a VCA

details Summing Folder
details None Summing Folder - VCA

what is so good about the Logic style workflow (if you have a hardware fader surface) is the opening and closing folders in the arrange window or Mixer the hardware folders keeping everything in sync

Cubase Folders work very different as I said, of course I would not remove way of working .

Yes, you could close and open folders in the mixer window and your hardware follows but if you are using hardware with lots of faders you are often only looking with the arrange window as your mixer is hardware, closing the folder in the arrange window, your hardware does not follow .

The other benefit of having folders appearing in the mixer is the mixer and the arrange window stay sync you can open and close folders only opening when you need to adjust elements inside , and as your hardware also follows again there is no need for a mixer window most of the time

Cubase =


Before anyone defends Cubase, I have to say I love Cubase (will not be going back LPX - I expect NEVER) but as a hardware fader user and also liking the Summing folder workflow for most jobs (which keeps track count much low as you don’t have a folder track /VCA and group track for something that could just be one extra track which does the lot and with a 600 + track project this is a big screen real estate deal. even just in the arrange window let alone your hardware fader . I moved to Nuendo maybe this should just be added to that for Post and Dub mixing workflow - Like Protools , then the longterm Cubase user what get more option that don’t want or Need ???

I have this set up already with Metagrid , but thanks for pointing this out , it could help others