Folder Tracks in MixConsole

Yes, and one good thing Pro Tools did add was folder tracks that are really Aux tracks, you can route tracks to them and put processing on them just like an Aux track. So you get both organization and processing all in one (if you want…they also can be plain folder tracks in their mixer).

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I have been Asking for the. Same features every competitive daw has this capability.
Friggin Studio One has it :joy:.i have asked Greg Ondo and said that might in future?I dont see it happening soon.

Absolutely +100 for this one. Folders are an organizational feature and serve the same purpose either in the project page or in the mixer. Specially when scrolling in the mixer is a minefield because with the scroll wheel one can inadvertently change volume for tracks, by far my biggest pet peeve in Cubase (same story in Studio One, I really HATE that feature). I voted in another thread to have the mouse wheel changing parameters in the mixer be an optional feature.

Of course it’s already possible in the left tab, but it’s all about less click and visual focus.

I don’t get the point of certain user saying that it have nothing to do in the mixer ?? It’s just one click to open/close multiple tracks, thing that you already able to do with the left Tab Mixer but it takes much time.

But sure using all the mixer 1 to 4 is a great way to organize your mixer work flow.
Workspaces and macros are also other possibility to organize your focusing on mixing track.

But folder track in mixer would be a great new feature :wink:

+1 Even PT does this.

Having this option is also useful when using a DAW controller (like ICON Con for example) as hides the channels that are collapsed from the controller as well.

I’ve used Logic and Studio One and really wanted to make the move to Cubase, but lack of this feature is what’s keeping me with Studio One.