Folder tracks in track presets /archives (track templates)

First post. I did a search, and couldn’t find any request for this.

I wish we could save and import whole folders with tracks, and with folders within folders etc. This would ease my workflow a bit as I’m used to save the folders as tracktemplates from Sonar. I usually work with sections (Strings, Brass, Drums, Guitars, Choir etc.).

It should work like this: Make your template within a folder, then selecting the root folder and either rightclick and save trackpreset or export. Then when importing the archive or preset - everything would be in that root folder as it should be.

As it is now - I have to make all the folders every time I import my tracks. So this request is not a big deal - but a timesaver for people like me…


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Is there a way to do that today?

Good grief you dug up a REALLY old thread.
I do this all the time. My main mixing template consists of folders, nested folders, aux tracks, fx tracks, etc.


So are track templates a thing? Can they be created? I cant find anything about them… Are people just using the term track templates in place of track archive or presets?