Folder track's visibility and expansion link between arranger and console?

In Studio One when you put several tracks in a Folder, you can close the folder and those tracks will disappear from the Console view as well (a bus channel might stay, if Folder has a bus) - check the video below starting at 1:20.

Is there some way to do that in Cubase?

I’m aware I can hide tracks in the Inspector, but that’s not interactive, i.e. it needs to be adjusted every time I’d fold/unfold a Folder.


In Cubase, you can see the folders in the Visibility tab of the MixConsole. Just disable the visibility of the given Folder in the MixConsole. All children track will hide.

You can do the same in the Project window. And you can sync visibility of the Project and MixConsole windows.

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Awesome, I had no idea*!

Thank you! :hugs: :slight_smile:

(*) probably because for now I’m on Elements 11 that doesn’t really have the Visibility tab in Inspector. But my Pro 11/12 is on its way :slight_smile:

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