Folders keep showing up in vis config after deselecting visibility

So I have a massive template and I have a vis config for every plugin. Some vis configs only have one track but others have folders to organize instruments and then tracks inside those folders. When adding a new vst instruments and making its own vis config, any folders that I created for that vis config are showing in every other viz config.

I went into each one of my vis configs and unchecked the visibility for any unwanted folders and then I save it as a template. EACH time I reopen the template, they are there again! I have done this multiple times and I don’t understand what’s going on.

How can I fix this?


If you add any new track (it doesn’t matter the track type, it’s the same for all track types), the track is visible in all configurations.

This is by design and you cannot change it.

Right but when I go in and unselect it, it shouldn’t come back to visibility right?


Did you update the configuration after you made the change?