Folders - room for a lot of improvements

Over the last few months I have been creating a large template - like other composers do. I have folderised everything and invisibilised stuff too, everything is disabled over 1350 tracks. However this has not worked out because it is not possible to show a track whilst hiding the folder(s) that it is in. So, if you want a solo flute in a sub-folder you MUST have all the folders and subfolders on view too.
When working on an orchestral piece using a folderized template, for every instrument enabled/visible there are two or more additional folder tracks on show. E.g woodwinds/flutes/concert flutes/ solo concert flutes.
There is much that could be done to improve folders. Firstly the could be invisibilizable, secondly they could optionally ‘own the routing’ of any track within them, (facilitating groups) thirdly, they could show MIDI activity that happens within the closed folder or subfolders (they don’t do this when closed).

Presently, in large templates folders create clutter.